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Introduction to several coating methods of vacuum coating machine-Zhaoqing Dingyi Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Introduction of several coating methods of vacuum coating machine

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There are many kinds of coating technologies for vacuum coating equipment. Simply put, in a vacuum environment, the film material particles are emitted by evaporation, sputtering, etc., and deposited on metal, glass, ceramics, semiconductors, and plastics. The coating layer required by the customer.
         The most common ones in daily life are vacuum evaporation technology, sputtering coating technology, ion coating technology, etc. Zhaoqing Dingyi Vacuum Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce you in detail, hoping to help you:


         Vacuum evaporation:
         The principle is to use an evaporator to heat the film material under vacuum conditions to make it vaporize or sublimate, and the evaporated particle flow is directly directed to the substrate, and deposited on the substrate to form a solid film technology. Evaporation is also divided into electron beam evaporation, resistance evaporation, induction evaporation and so on.


         Sputter coating:
         Under vacuum conditions, a high voltage is connected to the cathode to stimulate the glow discharge, and the positively charged argon ions hit the cathode target, causing it to eject film material particles and deposit them on the substrate to form a film layer.


         Ion coating:
         Ion coating generally refers to a coating method that generates a large amount of ions during the coating process. During the formation of the film, the substrate is always bombarded by high-energy particles, and the strength and bonding force of the film are very strong. When ion plating is used to plate a high-precision film, large particles of ions can be filtered out, so that a high-structure, high-density film can be achieved.


        The most common ones in daily life are these three vacuum coating equipment coating technologies. The specific choice of which one depends on the coating layer and the workpiece to be coated.


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