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Automobile lighting lamp coating machine_ Lamp reflector coating equipment_ Vacuum coating equipment for lamps and lanterns - Dingyi Vacuum
Vacuum coating machine for lamps
Vacuum coating machine for lamps
Vacuum coating machine for lamps
Vacuum coating machine for lamps
Vacuum coating machine for lamps

Vacuum coating machine for lamps

Lamp vacuum coating machine

Special vacuum coating machine for lamps

Car lamp protective film coating machine

Car lamp protective film coating equipment

Lighting protective film coating machine

Lighting protective film coating equipment

Coating machine for reflective cup

Special coating equipment for reflector

Reflector Vacuum Coating Machine

Reflector Vacuum Coating Equipment

Auto lamp silicone oil protection coating equipment

High Vacuum Evaporation Coating Machine

PVD vacuum coating equipment

pvd vacuum plating equipment

Vacuum coating machine for lamps Detail"DINGYI" Details Of Product Introduction


Silicone oil protective coating equipment for car lights-lampshade/reflector cup vacuum coating machine

Fully automatic coating equipment for lamps, high-power electrode plate bombardment, symmetrical electrode evaporation, fully automatic control. It has the functions of uniform film layer, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, waterproof and other indicators in line with international standards, and resists the influence of external corrosion by means of nanotechnology. The process of evaporative aluminum plating and protective film coating (bombardment + aluminum plating + bombardment + inflatable body + protective film coating) is completed at one time in the vacuum chamber to prevent secondary pollution. The equipment adopts computer control and monitoring equipment operation status and coating process. Improve work efficiency, ensure the stability and consistency of product quality, and reduce the influence of human factors.


Vacuum evaporation coating (evaporation coating for short) is a technology that uses evaporator to heat evaporation material to vaporize under vacuum conditions, and the evaporation particle stream is directly directed to the substrate and deposited on the substrate to form a solid film. The preparation and process of vacuum evaporation coating technology is relatively simple. It can not only deposit very pure films, but also prepare films with specific structures and properties. It is a very important coating technology today.

Equipment advantages:

The PVD vacuum coating machine of Dingyi Technology has bright and delicate coating, fast coating speed, high efficiency, simple operation, and stable equipment. The film is firm, bright, and not easy to be contaminated. The film with high density, high purity, and uniform film thickness can be obtained.

Example of coating sample:

Dingyi Technology

The company can design various specifications and models of vacuum coating machines according to user requirements.

Vacuum unit and electric control system can also be designed and configured according to user requirements.

Internationally advanced coating application solutions: provide system services such as equipment, materials, processing, technology, project supporting, etc

Dingyi vacuum coating equipment includes: evaporation coating machine, magnetron sputtering coating machine, magnetron evaporation dual-purpose coating machine, multi-arc ion coating machine, medium frequency ion coating machine, AF coating machine, ultra-hard coating coating machine, PVD coating line, PVD coating project supporting assembly.

PVD process technology is used to deposit various metal and non-metallic films on the surface of plastic parts by distillation or sputtering under vacuum conditions.

The advantages of Dingyi vacuum coating machine in the industry are professional, honest and reliable.

Dingyi Technology matches the best coating process according to the characteristics of the product.

Vertical double-door-high vacuum evaporation coating machine PVD aluminum mirror coating machine

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