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Horizontal coating equipment
Horizontal coating equipment
Horizontal coating equipment
Horizontal coating equipment

Horizontal coating equipment

Horizontal Vacuum Coating Machine

Horizontal ion coating machine

Horizontal Sputtering Coater

Pipe special coating machine

Special coating machine for steel pipe

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Intermediate frequency ion coating machine

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Horizontal vacuum coating equipment

Horizontal vacuum plating equipment

Horizontal coating equipment Detail"DINGYI" Details Of Product Introduction

Horizontal multi-arc ion coating machine-vacuum coating equipment

The horizontal multi-arc ion coating equipment is safe, environmentally friendly, and the process is stable. The film layer is rich in color, uniform in color, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, good adhesion and not easy to fade.

Horizontal Vacuum Coating Machine Coating machine adopts horizontal single door design, equipped with pulse bias system, good film adhesion, uniform color, touch screen + PLC control, can realize computer automatic control, manual/automatic control can be switched at any time, running Reliable and stable, high yield.

Horizontal multi-arc ion coating machine can coat TiN titanium gold decorative film; TiC, CrC gun black, black, gray series film; ZrN zirconium gold, champagne gold, brass series film; TiCN rose gold, rose red , burgundy, brown series coatings; TiO sapphire blue, emerald green, pink, iridescent coatings.

Widely used in stainless steel plates, stainless steel pipes (up to 6 meters), stainless steel display racks, stainless steel LOGO signs, locks, handles, hardware bathrooms, stainless steel tableware and other stainless steel products, plastic electroplating parts, ceramics and other surface coating processes.

• Low operating cost and fastest production cycle ensure highest industry standard and most competitive cost, low material and energy consumption
• Tailor-made design services according to customers' production needs
• Fast, flexible production cycles and flexible, versatile production systems capable of running at the fastest cycles on the market, with automatic control systems to eliminate human error
• All phases of operation are managed by a PC with automatic archiving and backup that provides real-time reporting, system and cycle status data, informing and guiding the operator throughout the process

Equipment Specifications:

model TYWS-3042H
Vacuum chamber size Ф3000×H4200mm
vacuum chamber mechanism Horizontal structure with air extraction system and water cooling system
Vacuum unit Mechanical pump + Roots pump + diffusion pump/molecular pump + maintenance pump
Vacuum measurement system One Pirani (MKS) One cold cathode (MKS) One film gauge (MKS)
Coating system Arc evaporation source, dedicated power supply for coating auxiliary ions
inflation system Mass flowmeter
power type DC power supply, intermediate frequency power supply, pulse power supply (bias power supply, arc power supply)
control method manual or fully automatic
Ultimate vacuum index 5.0x10-4Pa
arc source 22台 - 28台
200A - 300A
Bias supply 60KW/台
Work Rotation Multi-axis planetary rotation, frequency conversion speed regulation (controllable and adjustable)
Working baking temperature Controllable and adjustable from room temperature to 450°C (PID temperature control)
process gas 3-way or 4-way process gas flow control and display system optional automatic gas filling system
Argon, nitrogen, oxygen, acetylene, etc.
cooling method Water cooling circulation mode, additionally equipped with industrial cooling water tower or industrial chiller (refrigerator) or cryogenic system. (customer provided)
control method PLC+touch screen operation or computer control, manual, semi-automatic, automatic
supply index Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa, water temperature ≤ 25 ℃, water pressure ≥ 0.2MPa
Alarm and Protection Alarm for abnormal conditions such as water shortage, over-current and over-voltage, and open circuit of pumps and targets, and implement corresponding protection measures and electrical interlock functions
overall total power 185-200KW
Output frequency Voltage 380V±5%, frequency 50HZ (can be configured according to the customer's national electricity standard)
Equipment footprint 35~55㎡
Remark The above equipment parameters are for reference only, and the details are designed and customized according to the actual process requirements of customers.


Sample example:


Dingyi Technology
The company can design various specifications and models of vacuum coating machines according to user requirements.
The vacuum unit and electronic control system can also be designed and configured according to user requirements.


Dingyi provides world-leading coating application solutions: providing system services such as equipment, materials, processing, technology, and project support.

Dingyi vacuum coating equipment includes: evaporation coating machine, magnetron sputtering coating machine, magnetron evaporation dual-purpose coating machine, multi-arc ion coating machine, intermediate frequency ion coating machine, AF coating machine, super hard coating coating machine, PVD Coating line, PVD coating project supporting assembly.

PVD process technology uses vacuum conditions to deposit various metal and non-metal films on the surface of plastic parts by means of distillation or sputtering.


Dingyi Technology matches the best coating process scheme according to the characteristics of the product.
The advantages and characteristics of Dingyi vacuum coating machinery and equipment in the industry: professionalism, integrity and reliability.

Intermediate frequency ion coating machine No!

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