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The vacuum equipment maintenance and technical support team of Dingyi Technology is working hard every day to minimize the downtime of equipment and reduce the losses caused by downtime. To ensure timely delivery, thousands of new, quality-assured spare parts are in stock - and for many of Dingyi Vacuum's older equipment, there is also a curated spare parts inventory list, order spare parts directly from Dingyi and Maintenance of spare parts is the advantage of Dingyi Technology's vacuum equipment.

All spare parts are manufactured in accordance with the latest drawing tolerances and technical requirements, precisely ensuring the "fit, shape and function" requirements of each spare part.

Dingyi Technology's vacuum equipment maintenance and technical support personnel have rich experience and are capable of identifying, confirming and ordering the correct spare parts at the first time every time. In order to create a preferred provider of vacuum equipment solutions integrating R&D, production, sales and service, and better serve customers, Zhicheng Vacuum extends its business chain and undertakes the maintenance service business of vacuum products.


External maintenance service product range:
1. Vacuum application and vacuum products produced by Dingyi Vacuum;
2. Vacuum application products produced by other domestic enterprises;
3. Imported vacuum application and vacuum obtained products.


External maintenance service product categories:
1. Thin film preparation equipment: sputtering PVD, evaporation PVD thin film preparation equipment;
2. Vacuum metallurgical equipment;
3. Supporting equipment for major scientific projects;
4. LED, photovoltaic and other industrial products and equipment;
5. Various power products;
6. Vacuum components;
7. Provide various vacuum accessories;
8. Provide maintenance, upgrade and transformation of old equipment;
9. Provide technical guidance and technical operation training for equipment.


Dingyi Technology is equipped with a high-quality professional maintenance service team, and has the most advanced professional machining equipment, vacuum cleaning line, special surface treatment process, and various high-precision vacuum equipment testing equipment.

Adhering to the cultural concept of "market orientation, technological innovation, people-oriented, bigger and stronger", we actively seize development opportunities, make progress in stability, innovate in progress, and surpass in innovation, so as to provide users with professional, timely and thoughtful products The maintenance service business will shape the new image of Chinese vacuum enterprises in an all-round way. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to cooperate and negotiate!

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