Zhaoqing Dingyi Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in R&D and production of various vacuum coating equipment, providing industry-leading vacuum coating equipment solutions.

The series of PVD vacuum coating equipment developed and manufactured by Dingyi Technology mainly include: multi-arc ion coating machine, intermediate frequency ion coating machine, magnetron sputtering coating machine, high vacuum evaporation coating machine, AF anti-fingerprint coating machine, laboratory special coating machine, Superhard coating machine, winding coating machine, PVD coating line, coating project and supporting assembly. Dingyi vacuum coating equipment is widely used in high-tech industries such as molds, military industry, ships, automobile batteries, automobile lighting, automobile interior decoration, mobile phones, hardware clocks, plastics, semiconductors, etc., and has successfully developed for customers to meet various requirements. Vacuum coating process schemes for different requirements.

Vacuum coating machines of various specifications and models can be designed according to user requirements.

The vacuum unit and electronic control system can also be designed and configured according to user requirements.

After years of accumulation of vacuum application technology, the design and processing technology of the equipment have been kept improving, and the customized vacuum coating equipment application solutions have provided strong technical support for the development of well-known coating processing and production enterprises at home and abroad. The stable quality of various vacuum equipment has been obtained. It has won high praise from customers.

Dingyi vacuum machinery and equipment has always maintained a research and development partnership with the Department of Physical Chemistry of universities to realize the leading innovation of material technology and equipment technology. Continuously provide a strong impetus for the development of the coating industry. The company conducts after-sales service based on the standard of arriving at the customer site within 8 hours within the province and within 24 hours outside the province. The fast and flexible after-sales system ensures smooth and efficient production for customers! Obtain unanimous praise from cooperative customers.

Match the appropriate coating process coating scheme according to the customer's product characteristics: 
The company is based on the industry's advantages and characteristics: professionalism, integrity and reliability!

Dingyi Technology escorts your product coating needs! Let us walk hand in hand to build a better tomorrow.

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